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Mu Ramen
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Mu Ramen is Heidy and Joshua Smookler’s hit ramen spot in Long Island City that’s everyone is talking about.

Known for its winning version of the tonkotsu broth, which is inspired by the Korean dish “seolleongtang”, Joshua has perfected the flavors of this bowl.

The menu at Mu Ramen is dotted with both classic offerings such as the “Tonkotsu”, “Shoyu”, “Spicy Miso” broths and a smattering of interesting appetizers.

We tried the much praised “Fried Chicken Wings stuffed with Foie gras and Brioche”. I thought the chicken was fried really well but the stuffing just didn’t shine for me.




Mr. Smookler’s classic training in the kitchens of Per Se shows up in this version of the “Okonomiyaki” which blends Japanese flavors with a Jewish bent with a blini like scallion pancake topped with smoked trout, tobiko, shaved bonito and syrup.

It’s quite amazing the journey that Mu Ramen has made from being a tiny little pop-up at Bricktown Bagels to a full-fledged, thriving brick and mortar spot in the heart of Long Island City. Kudos to this couple for all their hard work.


Here is some of what we ate:



DSC02982 DSC02980


Tebasaki Gyoza



Tonkotsu 2.0

IMG_7455 IMG_7452 IMG_7467


Spicy Miso Ramen

DSC02998 DSC03001


Shoyu Ramen