Accra Restaurant, Harlem, NYC

Curious about Ghanaian cuisine? You don’t have to go much further than Harlem to experience really authentic, homestyle food at Accra Restaurant.

This steamtable style casual spot seems like home to its patrons who come from the neighborhood and across the African countries. 

The food here is just wonderful as are the people making it. We were lucky enough to go in a large enough group to be able to try several dishes that were made that day.

Ghanaian cuisine consists of several stews which you eat with fufu (a ball of mashed cassava). The only way to eat this is with your hands and it taste all the better for it.

They make a wonderful in-house ginger beer (really strong) which helps wash down all the incredible flavors.

There always some iteration of with jollof rice served either with fried whiting or chicken.

You MUST try the fried turkey tails also known as the pope’s nose. They were so delicious – reminiscent of a thick slab of smoked bacon.   

One of my favorite dishes was Dibi and Acheke. Dibi is a roasted meat which is served with onions sautéed in mustard. This is put atop Acheke which is grated cassava. The combination of flavors on this plate was mind bending.

Accra is a gem! Aren’t we lucky we are New Yorkers?

Here is some of what we ate:

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