Trouser Anna Kadai, Chennai, India

I often wonder what will happen to treasures like Trouser Kadai in times of covid?

This tiny hole in the wall spot in Chennai has been a favorite for locals for almost  four decades now. Tucked away in the crevices of RK Mutt Road, owner Rajendran still helms his tiny kitchen after all these years.  You can spot him as the one cooking shirtless wearing his signature shorts which begot this spot it’s name of “Trouser Anna Kadai”.

What makes this place stand out is that Rajendran (aka Trouser Mama) firmly  believes in serving traditional, slow-cooked food where all masalas are still hand ground and everything is cooked on firewood. Known for his  biriyanis, masala fish, payas, chukkas and more the meals are served in three shifts of breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are limited quantities of dishes made and when the food runs out – its done, so go early. 

This place is not for the faint hearted – the digs are well worn out and you are served in tiny cramped spaces. The food however is delicious and the experience is well worth it. I wait for the day I can go back.