Roasting Plant, Lower East Side, NYC

81 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 775-7755

Known for the best chocolate chip cookie in town, this cute little Lower East Side coffee haven is definitely worth stopping off at. The cookies are good – but not the best I’ve had. Their stuff is very fresh as all the baking is done on the premises.

Every cup of coffee is brewed fresh and it smells like heaven in here. The founder of The Roasting Plant has developed a unique system to deliver the freshest cup of coffee to every customer.

Here is an excerpt from their website which explains how it works:

“To accomplish this unique innovation, founder Mike Caswell spent six years testing and developing Roasting Plant Javabotô, a patented automation system that ensures maximum freshness and peak flavor. While roasting each type of bean, the system monitors crucial factors such as airflow, temperature, and humidity. Perfectly roasted beans then travel through vacuum tubes, untouched by human hands, until they’re ground and brewed to your specific order.”

Though the space is tiny, they are well equipped with little plug points for customers to sit with their laptops and a cup of coffee to work or play all day! Stop by for sure…if you are ever in the neighborhood!

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