Karim’s – Jama Masjid, New Delhi, India

Jama Masjid
Delhi – 11006
Ph: 01191-23269880

Chandini Chowk is truly India, as it should be experienced. I love every bit of it from the overfilled narrow streets that is equally shared by cars, people, animals, scooters, bicycles and so much more to the small stalls and street peddlers, selling everything from dinky little plastic toys, to mouthwatering food delights.

On one of these little streets is Karim’s, one of the best-known food spots in Chandini Chowk. Karim’s is run by the descendants of the royal chefs who prepared delicacies for the Imperial Kitchens of the Mughal Dynasty who ruled India in the 1700’s. Their recipes have been handed down for generations. Continue reading