Economy Candy, Lower East Side, NYC

Economy Candy located on Rivington Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a New York institution that has been around since 1937. Owned by Jerry Cohen, this sweet stop is stacked with floor to ceiling racks filled with every imaginable kind of candy.



You name it and chances are they have it! Old school, new style, hot favorites, hard to find – things you even forgot existed – it’s all there. Talk about a kid in a candy store – I saw more adults here than anywhere reminiscing about being kids and the candies they grew up with.





Economy Candy is all about its sweets! There is nothing fancy or corky about the décor. It is decorated with insane piles of goodies that cover every inch of their space. They also have vintage gumball machines, candy signs, old candy boxes and an unusual collection of giant pez dispensers.








So if you are around the Lower East Side and want to take a sweet stroll back in time…. mosey on over to Economy Candy – you wont leave empty handed.