Sripraphai, Woodside, NYC



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Food: ☆☆☆☆

Service: ☆☆☆½

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$$

Must try: Chicken Satay, Tom Yum, Green Curry with Roasted Duck, Chu-Chee Shrimp


Sripraphai has continually been crowned as one of the top destinations for Thai food in the city. Worshipers from all the boroughs climb aboard that number 7 train and head out to Woodside looking for that holy grail of spice.

 Is the food really that good?

Yes it is – you just have to know what to order.

 Please don’t go ordering the usual suspects – though their tom yum soup and chicken satays are some of the best I have had in the city.

 Do indulge in dishes that are out of the ordinary. My favorite meal consists of the duck green curry, the Rad-Na, shrimp with curry paste and coconut rice. The roasted duck salad is a highly recommended dish too. They can really turn on the spice if you ask them to.

The wait staff has all the charm and graciousness that Thai hospitality has to offer. On a recent visit, which was after a time lapse of about 2 years, we were still recognized and greeted with hugs and genuine warmth.

With food that good and a welcome so sincere…. there’s no reason not to make SriPraPhai one of my local favorites.


Here is some of what we ate:





Chicken Satay






Green Curry with Roasted Duck



Steamed Fish with Garlic, Chili and Lime Juice



Chu-Chee Shrimp



Chicken Fried Rice



Crab Fried Rice



Stir Fried Broccoli Rabe