Mast Brothers Chocolate, Williamsburg, NYC

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Mast Brothers Chocolate on Urbanspoon

Mast Brothers Chocolate on Urbanspoon


 The Mast Brothers Chocolate shop might be one of the coolest chocolate stores I’ve seen in a while. Set in hipster Williamsburg, this factory/ showroom showcases their entire process from beans to bars! These bars of chocolate are handcrafted on the shop floor and anyone can watch the assembly line process.

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 Rick and Michael Mast, co-founders of Mast Brothers Chocolate, aim to craft high quality, organic chocolate bars with beans that have been carefully sourced from small farms from all over Latin America.

 They have also aligned themselves with Anderson Almonds, Stumptown Coffee, Maine Sea Salt and Crown Maple Syrup to create some really unbelievable chocolate pairings. Mast Brothers chocolate bars are available at many different gourmet shops around the city.


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These chocolate bars cost a pretty penny at about $7 a bar but for seriously high quality, hand crafted artisanal chocolate such as these – a few bites go a long way!