Pani Puri at Gangotree, Chennai, India




I have not had better pani puri than the one made at Gangotree ( okay maybe only In Kolkata). It is my brother and my favorite street style food spot to hit when we are in Chennai together.

At Gangotree, they make them just the way we like them – their pani puri water is deeply flavored, spicy as can be and made with just the right mix of herbs and spices.

 The best way to eat these fiery treats is to go there and eat it the traditional way where he mixes the fiery potato filling to suit your taste and then serves each one to you individually.

 The pani puri are the only things I eat or endorse at Gangotree. All the rest of their chaat items are very subpar as are their sweets but boy do these little missives hit my Kolkata style street food cravings.