Dahlia Japanese Restaurant, Chennai, India



Dahlia has been around for close to 20 years now. Located behind Hotel Ganpath, this dowdy spot is the least likely place for Japanese restaurant.

 You walk in and your first instinct would be to walk out – but don’t be fooled by the dreary surroundings. The most telling aspect of how good the food here is by the large number of Japanese clients that choose to eat here.

 Started by Revathi who is fluent in Japanese and her Japanese husband, this couple has managed to mantain the quality of the fare here for decades now.

The food is very good – I think it’s the best Japanese in town. The fish is fresh and all the dishes are very tasty. The sushi and sashimi is a little thick cut but the fish is of very good quality and safe to eat.

Other must try dishes include their teriyaki fish, Agedashi tofu, maki rolls and so on. You really can’t go too wrong with the menu here.

Make sure you come early to eat here. If you reach for dinner after 8:30 PM, chances are that they will be out of sushi. The same with lunch – the best time to get there is before 1:00 PM.

 They have a reasonable selection of dishes available for vegetarians too on their menu which makes Dahlia a great destination for all.

 Here is some of what we ate:


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