Holiday Hosting Party at the Kenmore Bloggers Summit 2013: Day One


How cool to be invited as a guest by Kenmore to its Annual Bloggers Summit in the great city of Chicago. 


IMG_3228 IMG_3230


Here I am departing from NYC…..I’m off to the windy city everyone!!



We were greeted by the awesome Gil Weston at Chicago airport where I got acquainted with fellow bloggers Beeb, Melinda, Cristian  & Kim, on our shuttle to the Hotel Felix  where we were being hosted.




And then the party started! 

The evening began with us mingling with bloggers from all over the country and the ultra cool Kenmore crew – they really are super warm and like family! A huge shout out to the awesome in-house Kenmore Chef Kari Karch – she rocks!




After noshing on appetizers made from recipes sent in by bloggers and many glasses of wine at the bar, we moved on to dinner.


IMG_3236 IMG_3237 DSC05705 


There was a really simple yet elegant spread. All the food was very tasty – my clear favorite was the Calypso Sweet Potato Salad!





The very funny comedian Brandon and his kooky team then entertained us after dinner.




Every good party has to have its share of funny stories and of course “yours truly” was picked to come up and share her humorous holiday disaster story!




Boy after that did I need my share of drink and dessert!




The evening ended with Kenmore offering us this oversized goody bag – however the deal was that we had to carry it home on our bare backs – just kidding!!!!




Doesn’t this look suit me?

I walked back to the hotel amidst the beautiful Chicago night skyline with a whole bunch of new blogger friends! Thank you Kenmore!