Day 2: The Chopped Challenge & More at Kenmore’s Bloggers Summit 2013

Day two of the Holiday Hosting Party at the Kenmore Bloggers Summit 2013 began with two of my new blogger pals Marina and Beeb, who were just as crazy as me and wanted to walk the city at dawn to get some sights in! It was truly a beautiful way to experience the city in its early light and quietude.

After a quick breakfast we all headed back to the Kenmore Studio where an action packed day awaited. Little did we know how much fun was in store for us.



It all began with Chef Kari and the Kenmore team introducing us to some of the WORST holiday hostess gifts one dreads to receive.





Look at how we were blowing up the hideous fruitcake  gift so it never sees the light of day again!

Little did we know that we would be split in competing teams and made to use one of these dismal gifts as an ingredient in a “Chopped” style cook-off challenge that lay ahead of us. We had to use one of Kenmore’s small appliances ( we got the  The small appliance we got to use was the Kenmore Indoor Grill)  and all of this had to be done in 30 minutes!!!!!!




So guess which team got the most awful ingredient of all?

 Yes that’s right….. we got the dreaded store-bought fruitcake that only belongs in one place – the “trashcan” or blown up!




But….you ain’t ever gonna get our spirits down.

My amazing Team # 2…..who consisted of Kimberly from Tampa Bay Chef, Beeb of Mom Start, Marina of Mommy Snippets, Theresa of The Local Tourist and Jennifer of Makobi Scribe  turned it around and created a remarkable plate. Look at how pretty, healthy and appetizing that looks!




This is our Grilled Spiced Chicken served on a bed of grilled and sautéed vegetable with a herbed fruitcake stuffing garnished with a fresh parsley oil.


IMG_3266 IMG_3264 


Check out these great videos that Beeb posted on her blog of our competition. 


I was chosen to present our dish to the audience


DSC05790 DSC05797




And the winner was……….drum roll please……..Team # 2!!!




We all won Kenmore food processors! Woot woot!


The party continued as Kenmore showcases their latest, state of the art appliances and then gave us all a gift of an appliance!




Check out the Kenmore Elite  Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Silver I got! We also received two cookbooks – one that was a compilation of the recipes sent in by bloggers attending the summit and the other was Kari Karchs’s Kenmore 100 Year Anniversary Cookbook.


The day came to an end all too soon as we headed out to the airport on the “bloggers bus”!




I can’t believe how I walked into a room full of strangers just 24 hours before and left with a roomful of brand new friends!  Thanks Kenmore – you guys really rock!!


Kenmore-Craftsman_126-X3 Kenmore-Craftsman_163-X3 Kenmore-Craftsman_153-X3