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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


I was recently invited to review Madangsui housed on 35th street in the heart of Midtown Manhattan’s Koreatown. Nestled amongst a countless number of Korean eateries, Madangsui claims to be “raw meat specialists” serving “the best Korean Barbecue in New York City”. Now that was an invite I definitely could not pass up.

Our meal started with the traditional Korean “Banchan” which consists of several small pickled vegetable dishes. We were also served a piping hot steamed egg custard and a tangy bean-paste soup.

We went to on to try some appetizers one of which was a savory seafood pancake accompanied with a sesame dipping sauce. The pancake was well made but a little oily for my liking. We also tried the Jap-Chae – stir fried Korean noodles which I thought were fantastic!

The main event though at Madangsui is the barbecue. There is a tremendous selection of meats and seafood, marinated or not, which are cooked right at your table on a grill. The best way to eat them is in the traditional style, wrapped in a crunchy piece of lettuce, topped with sliced scallions and dabbed with bean sauce.


I found the food at Madangsui to be really tasty. The Banchan we tried were flavorful, I loved the Jap- Chae and the meats were well portioned, seasoned and fresh.

I think that Madangsui is definitely worth a try!


Here is some of what we ate:







Mi-So Soup


Steamed Egg Custard



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Saeng Deung Sim

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Dweji Bulgogi

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