Chaat at Mahesh Chaat Corner/ Prince Paan Shop, New Delhi, India




Prince Paan shop in Greater Kailash M Block Market sure has a lot to offer in way of street eats. One can choose from many kinds of paan which is an Indian digestive made with a variety of fillings prepared wrapped in a betel leaf.They offer curious flavors such as Ice Cool, Just Relax Mint, Strawberry and so on. One can also get the famous Indian street drink called “Banta” which is basically a spiced version of Lemonade.




What interested me the most though was the little food stall called Mahesh Chaat Corner serving up some scrumptious chaat which is a form of Indian street snack food

Everything from Palak Papadi Chaat which is made with crisp fried leaves of spinach, which are doused with yogurt, tamarind chutney and other spices to the wonderful varieties of other street food items they offer are wonderful. It’s amazing what they churn out in that 4X10 space.




They also have superb panipuris or golguppas, which are eaten in crisp spheres made with wheat or semolina, which is filled with a mixture of spicy mint water and a mix of potato and chickpeas.



This is how one eats a panipuri.




At Mahesh Chaat Corner if you crave it – they have it!

Prince Paan shop is a significantly more hygienic option of eating pretty great tasting street food that’s really not off the streets (quite the opposite of the Prabhu Chaat Bhandar experience – which I’ll save for another post)

Here is some of what we ate:

Masala Lemonade



Palak Papadi Chaat



Sev Puri



Aloo Tikki Chaat



Pani Puri



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