Sushi Azabu/ Daruma – Ya, Tribeca, NYC

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Sushi Azabu


Sushi Azabu is a hidden gem, which lies beneath Daruma-Ya which is an Izakaya styled restaurant. This spot is so tiny and so secret – one wonders how anyone knows about it at all.




Located in Tribeca, Sushi Azabu can only seat about 6 – 8 people. On special request, one can try the “Omakase” menu upstairs in the Daruma-Ya part of the restaurant.

We were a large enough party and got to sample dishes from both the sushi bar and the Izakaya.

At Sushi Azabu, one is treated to the traditional “Edomae” style of sushi, which is also known as Tokyo style and is very classic where the fish is served straight up on nigiri rice. There are also small Japanese dishes which make up the Omakase experience.

I thought our meal was very good but not outstanding. I think that it would make a huge difference actually sitting at the sushi counter versus eating the Omakase upstairs. Sushi Azabu is not cheap, so I wouldn’t go again but it definitely is a very solid choice for a good, traditional sushi meal.


Here is some of what we ate:


Spicy Tuna Roll

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Salmon and Avocado Roll

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Tuna Sushi Set

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Salmon Sushi



Sushi Azabu Omakase Courses

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