Septime, Paris, France

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Septime is Bertrand Grébaut’s lovely, seasonal, modern restaurant in Paris and is one of the toughest tables to snag.

One needs to really book well in advance but it is well worth the experience. What I loved most about Septime was its simplicity. Its triumph is truly in just how understated and sincere everything here is from the food to the décor to the people.

The dishes are beautifully composed and mainly focused on the ingredients without too much interference. We tasted dishes like “White Asa White onion and Burford cheese with black ash” and “Green grass soup with nettle ivy with hay smoked goat cheese and salted butter brioche” There were “Artichoke cookies with mandarin orange gelee with aromatic herbs” and so on.

After a while I stopped recording and just focused on eating and I’m glad I did because it was a meal to remember.


Here is some of what we ate:

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DSC09871 DSC09883 DSC09885 DSC09889 DSC09894 DSC09895 DSC09896 DSC09898 DSC09900 DSC09903 DSC09907

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