Panorama of My Silent Heart Cafe, Jamaica, NYC



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This is my new favorite “hang out with your best buddy”, local spot.

Panorama Café is the most unlikely find, in this neck of the woods. It’s an artsy, warm café with a whole lot of soul.


The owner Ketan Goldman and a lot of people who work and frequent the place, are followers of Sri Chinmoy. It is a close knit community with beautiful energy. You can just feel it when you walk into the café.

When I’m at Panorama, I feel like I’ve been transported to a quaint little town in New England somewhere.


Every time I visit Panorama, there’s a different vibe. Sometimes its electric with budding artists showcasing their talents in a jam session or holding poetry readings.

At other times its low key with people engaged in meaningful conversations, thoughts or a good book.


At Panorama, they offer a great selection of teas, coffees, desserts and even brunch, lunch and dinner. (Try their banana bread cake – it’s my favorite)


The place is bright and cheery and has many homey nooks and corners carved out to suit your mood.


It’s that perfect place that allows you to just – be………..