Taverna Kyclades, Astoria, NY

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Food: ☆☆☆ 1/2

Service: ☆☆☆

Ambiance: ☆☆ ½

Cost: $$$

Dishes not to miss: Pan-Fried Greek Cheese, Grilled Porgie and Drurade, Galaktoboureko


If you are craving Greek food, then there is no better neighborhood to hit than Astoria in Queens.

Amongst the teeming numbers of Greek restaurants, Chef-Owner Ardian Skenderi’s Taverna Kyclades seems to be one of the more popular spots, offering the freshest seafood at very affordable prices. At peak times the waits can be very long but the food is very worth it.

A typical meal could consist of a few of my favorites such as Fried Calamari or Pan-Fried Greek Cheese. A nice bowl of Greek salad goes well with any of the fresh grilled fish as an entrée. I wasn’t too crazy about their side dishes of green vegetables or potatoes.

One dish that should definitely be avoided is the Kyclades Specialty, which is a mish mash of stuffed clams, stuffed shrimp, lobster tail, fillet of sole and scallops. It has no flavoring is seems to always be pushed on the Greek food newbies who really don’t know what to order there. However, I really did enjoy ending the meal with the complimentary Galaktoboureko (a custardy dessert wrapped in phyllo dough).

All in all, Taverna Kyclades offers family style portions of fresh food at really moderate tabs. To me that spells – WINNER!


Here is some of what we ate:


Grilled Octopus


Fried Calamari


Pan-Fried Greek Cheese


Greek Salad


Roasted Lemon Potatoes & Fried Potatoes


Steamed Dandelions


Grilled Porgie and Drurade


Kyclades Specialty