Café Sacher at the Sacher Hotel, Salzburg, Austria

Café Sacher at the Sacher Hotel in Salzburg is one of the most charming places in all of Salzburg to sit in and have a cup of tea or coffee. Named after the world famous Sacher Torte, the Sacher Hotel lays claim to being owners of the original recipe.


Café Sacher is reminiscent of an old time coffee shop, with photographs lining the walls that mark its history and the people that have been within its midst. The furniture is comfortable and upholstered with embroidered “S”s all over to remind us of the grandeur of the setting. The menus hangs like newspapers do in traditional coffee houses, and make for an interesting read as its outlines the origins of its famous Sacher Tore that eventually led to the expansive Sacher empire.


So don’t miss trying a slice of the world famous Sacher Torte at Café Sacher when you visit Salzburg.