China XO at The Leela Palace, Chennai, India



This past summer, the city has been abuzz with just how fantastic the Chinese food is at China XO, located in the brand new super opulent Leela Palace.

 So, I finally made it for their debut Sunday Dimsum brunch.

 The restaurant has a beautiful water view with decor in muted tones which helps add to the mood of serenity.

 As for the meal – it started off pretty well with the dimsums being brought out really quickly. The food was impressive in parts but the meal went downhill very quickly. It wasn’t so much about the food being bad as it was about dishes making it to the table.

They just could not keep up with our order – and the restaurant was rather empty.

 The service was very good – very courteous but somehow the kitchen just could not keep up. Something got lost in translation and we ended up sitting there for close to 3 hours!!!

 I would be willing to forgive and put it down to first day teething problems if it wasn’t for the exorbitant price tag that comes with the meal. I don’t know if I’ll be back there until it’s a well-oiled machine!


Here is some of what we ate:


DSC_0900 DSC_0902 DSC_0907 DSC_0912 DSC_0909 DSC_0914 DSC_0918 DSC_0921 DSC_0923 DSC_0924 DSC_0925 DSC_0929 DSC_0928 DSC_0932 DSC_0931 DSC_0927 DSC_0930 





3 thoughts on “China XO at The Leela Palace, Chennai, India

  1. Hey Mailini,
    I have been reading your blog of late especially the stuff on Chennai…. love what you have to say especially since i know we grew up on very similar home food… our palates can’t be that far off! Quick suggestion… why don’t you name the dishes you take such great pics of?This way next time i go to one of your recommended eating spots i would know what to order. Thanks for insight into places i would probably never consider going to otherwise. Look forward to the next blog….. keep writing.

  2. Hi madhav! So great to hear from you! Thx a ton…….Im so glad u like my blogs. I usually do put the names of dishes that I photograph – just got lazy this summer in Chennai!! ( all done in relax mode!)

    BTW congrats – I met yr lovely wife – missed seeing u this summer! See you soon – big hugs

  3. BTW Madhav – I usually do mention in my posts abt the dishes that I really like – and email me with any questions..

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