The Strand Cafe at The Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

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The Strand Hotel in Yangon is one of Myanmar’s best known hotels. Reminiscent of the country’s Colonial past, this Victorian style building offers the promise of old world luxury and charm.

 In my opinion, the hotel is teetering, tacky and is heavily reliant on a grand past.

 The rooms are seriously dated as are the facilities (my tub had brown water coming out of the taps) and this place is so stiff upper lipped that it has sucked the fun out of the air completely! It’s not a patch on the Governors Residence which was so delightful.

 Its only saving grace was the food at The Strand Café which offers a menu of mostly western cuisine and a seriously limited selection of local Burmese cuisine.

Luckily the dishes I tried were really well made (except their Mohinga is awful!) If not for some talented chefs back in that kitchen, my stay at The Strand would have been a complete wash! 


Here is some of what we ate:


 DSC03359 DSC03353 DSC03356 DSC03355






Ohn-no khao swè




Fish and Chips








Fish and Chips
















Fried Rice








Butter Fish







Chicken Curry








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