The Milk and Cookie Shot at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery, Soho, NYC



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Dominique Ansel is god!

I wasn’t a convert when I tried the Cronut but the “Milk & Cookie Shot” – takes genius to a whole new level! What kind of human being comes up with idea like that?? It is beyond brilliant.




So what exactly is the “Milk & Cookie Shot”?

It’s a chocolate chip cookie shaped into a shot glass which is lined with rich Valrhona chocolate on the inner shell. The shot is served slightly warmed with chilled organic, full-fat vanilla-infused milk from Swede Farm.


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I have to say that the “Milk & Cookie Shot” was definitely worth the wait online on a chilly November afternoon. Do remember that there is such a thing as “Cookie Karma”. If you know you re the last few to get the good then leave a little for the folks who waited right behind you. Each person is entitled to 2 Milk & Cookie Shots but one is actually more than enough to try.




The good news is that you can buy a boxed “Cookie Shot Set” and try it at home – though there’s nothing quite like eating it right there. It is fantastic.





We brought home the “Holiday Edition” of the “Cookie Shot Set” which included new flavors like: Gingersnap Cookie Shot (with egg nog milk), Snickerdoodle Cookie Shot (with peppermint milk), Peanut Butter Cookie Shot (with chocolate milk), and Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Shot (with honey milk)





The “Milk & Cookie Shot” go on sale at 3:00 PM everyday and the line starts forming way before. There are about 200 of them available each day. 





I think trying Dominique Ansel’s “Milk & Cookie Shot” might just be one of those quintessential New York things to do.