Sushi Dojo, East Village, NYC

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Sushi Dojo



Sushi Dojo seems to be the “it” spot right now when it comes to serious sushi at an affordable price.

David Bouhadana, of French-Moroccan heritage who grew up in Southern Florida, is the unlikely Sushi master behind all this buzz. He studied his craft under the tutelage of serious Sushi masters in both Japan and California. The style of sushi he practices is called “Edomae” originating in the Edo Period.


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Bouhadana has created quite a following of his own ever since he opened his East Village spot. 

I have tried the “Omakase” at Sushi Dojo twice and had two very different experiences. The first time was unbelievable and the second time was just okay. So my review is very mixed.

What I would like to do next time is try the “Omakase” at the sushi counter next time. However I do highly recommend Sushi Dojo as the meal we had the first time was really super impressive!


Here is some of what we ate:

Ebi Karaage deep fried soft shell shrimp

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Warm Homemade Tofu 

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Special chef’s choice of sushi


Dojo Omakase 4 course dinner

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Sushi & Sashimi Omakase 

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