Soba-Ya, East Village, NYC

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Tucked away in the East Village amongst several Japanese eateries is Soba Ya – home to fresh buckwheat soba made in-house.

This noodle house co-owned by Bon Yagi, ensured that fresh soba is made every day and the menu offers up to 12 kinds of hot or cold homemade soba and udon options.

Lunchtime gets real crowded where hungry patrons fill the place hungry for ho or cold bowls of fresh soba which is served in a red-black bento box with sides of vegetables, salad and so on.

Soba Ya is one an East Village’s staple and is a sold choice either for lunch or dinner.


Here is some of what we ate:


Goma Ae

YOZ_1398 YOZ_1396



YOZ_1404 YOZ_1401 YOZ_1402


Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Set



Nabeyaki Udon



Katsu Curry Udon

YOZ_1417 YOZ_1418 YOZ_1419


Salmon Don

YOZ_1412 YOZ_1409 YOZ_1408