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Kailash Parbat

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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own

Kailash Parbat, the beloved Mumbai eatery now has an outpost in “Curry Hill” In New York City.




Known for its street eats like “chaat” and home-style “Sindhi” dishes – a little know cuisine originating in Sindh, which is now in Pakistan.

Established in India in 1952 by the Mulchandani brothers, their culinary traditions are carried forth in New York by the grandsons – Amit and Gary Mulchandani.

I was recently invited to try out some of their offerings and was very happy to oblige as good street style Indian food is still quite lacking in the city and I am disappointed more often than not.

Our press tasting began with a hot cup of “Chai” which was really nicely flavored with whole spices.




We were served a variety of “chaat” items which are basically savory snacks, generally made with several types of fried dough, fashioned into shapes and textures topped with anything from yogurt to various chutneys and so on.

Some of the highlights from the chaat I tried was the Crispy Corn Basket filled with a spicy sweet corn mixture, topped with tamarind chutney and sev (thinly fried gram flour strands).




The “Dahi Puri” was also really excellent made with thin “golguppa” shells filled with yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney and sev. I love that everything used for the chaat at Kailash Parabath is made fresh in-house everyday.




What’s unique about Kailash Parbath is the “Sindhi” dishes that they offer. These are classics that I have grown up eating in India which are rarely found on menus at Indian restaurants. You must try their “Koki Roti” a spiced roti served with yogurt and pickle.




I also tried the “Sai Bhaji” which is made with a mix of spinach, lentils, fenugreek and other greens.




I have to say that my favorite part of the meal was the “Chole Bhatura” which is a fried flatbread served with curried chickpeas. Kailash Parbath makes a fantastic version of this classic North Indian comfort dish. It might be one of the best I have had in New York City. You can choose bhaturas (fried bread) of different flavors some of which are fenugreek, paneer and so on.




I am really excited about Kailash Parbath having carved out its own little niche on Curry Hill. I cant wait to go back and try much more of their menu.


Here is some of what we ate:



Jaljeera Pani





Crispy Corn Baskets

DSC04563 DSC04561

Sev Puri


Dahi Vada

DSC04555 DSC04565

Dahi Puri


Koki Roti

DSC04575 IMG_1029

Aloo/ Arbi Tuks (Potato/ Yam Cutlet)

DSC04600 DSC04602

Channa Bhatura

DSC04591 DSC04593 DSC04597

Lotus Root Cutlet

DSC04623 DSC04634